Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do girl necks smell as good?

There is something about the way the neck of the man you are in love with smells that, if it could be bottled, would make billions of dollars.

I know this is a statement that has probably been made many times before by many other people, but it's still true.

I wonder if it's just men, though. I've dated women, too, but never been in love with any of them. I've been in love with men, though, all of two and two-half times (two men, to date, with whom I was fo' reals, oh-my-gawd, stars-and-bunnies, bluebirds-and-rainbows in love. Two men with whom I think I was sorta halfway in love.)

So, while I have smelt and licked and enjoyed my fair share of ladies' necks, none of them have had the same effect on me. You know; that thing that happens when your eyes roll slightly back in your head as you breathe in as deeply as you can -- or as deeply as you dare before reaching that slightly weird "um, are you sniffing at my hair?" point -- and you get a combination of tinglies in your tummy and a Buddha-esque sense of peace and contentment.

Or mebbe that's just me.

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