Friday, February 8, 2008

A conversation with a coworker in the kitchen

Me: *stares into vending machine with half-blank, half-pensive look, while singing under breath* Fish and chips and vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, fiiiiiish and chips and vinegarrrrr, pepper pepper pepper salt.
CC: Heya. How're you doing?
Me: *decides not to tell him I'm trying to figure out exactly how much junk food I can eat now and still have room to stuff myself with Korean barbeque tonight* Not bad. I have a silly song from Girl Scouts stuck in my head, though.
CC: ...It's not 'Baby Shark', is it?
Me, wide-eyed and astonished: No, but I TOtally KNOW that SONG. How, HOW do you know that song? *singing* Baby shark, doo doo, doo doo dedoo...
CC: *eyes downcast, resigned* I have a daughter.

It is SO COOL that the same stupid songs are getting taught to a new generation of Girl Scouts. Srsly. Freakin' cool.

It's easy to forget sometimes how much being a Girl Scout affected me, and helped make me who I am, for better and worse.


Oat Willie said...

Girl Scout, you said it. At least the stupid songs and endless s'mores were better than, say, the slapping game in "Thirteen."

Love the cookies. Why, oh why do your den mothers (or whatever you call them) station the girl scouts between the subway and my car at night? I'm getting fat as a monk.

oacat said...

Oh man. Girl Scout songs. So, in an age and a day ago, I used to babysit very small children (dude they changed each others' diapers and everything, shit was AWESOME). This one particularly angelic pair loved it when their mother or the boom box would sing to them, so they asked me to sing for them one day.

I had just been turned on to the wonders of Alternative Rock via the Internet (having previously known nothing besides opera and classical music...), so I sang them many a whining ballad from whatever Cranberries tape I had picked up from my friends at school... and boy were they not impressed. (Well, I'm also not the best singer in the universe...)

Despite being unimpressed, however, they STILL WANTED A SONG. After turning the pocket watch in my brain back to my even younger days, I remembered an amazing song I learned in the Girl Scout times long long ago. Oh, The Bumble Bee song... everybody in my troupe loved it, for it is vile and totally hilarious - especially when acted out.

Needless to say, they demanded multiple encores, but the best part was when their mother called me up to have me teach it to her over the phone because they kept asking her for it. The Bumble Bee song is a classic for the ages indeed.

I would type it out here, but silly words typed in the WEBLOGGOSPHERE would certainly not do it justice. Maybe it's on YouTube somewhere... If you're really curious, catch me in the Battle Kitchen sometime and I'll perform it for you. Yeeees.

Speaking of the WEBLOGGOSPHEREEZ, this is the second or third freakin' comment I've made today, dear me, I've been sucked in. In to the BLOGGOOSHPEEEREEES ahhhhhhhhh (ok, time to get back to bending photons to my will).