Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Help find a last name!

My new kitties finally have first names! Which is better than "Hey You", or what they were previously answering to -- Smeghead and Young Lady. >_>;

A boy and girl, brother and sister, both black, four months old.
Meet: *drumroll*

Just like the man-cub from the Jungle Book, the boy's always getting into trouble, but is handsome and dreadfully charming.
Nicknames: Moe, Mowgles, Mowgli the Moggie, Glee-boy, Mowglerino

AMENTI (ah-MEN-tee)
Beautiful, sleek-furred, and hidden, like the Egyptian goddess.
Nicknames: Men-men, Ti-ti, Menti, Mental Menti, Mennie, Amennie


They've got such nice, dignified first names... They need a COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS last name!

Possibilities: MacFuzzybottom, the Marquis (and Marquess?) de Mew, ibn Inkspotti, Scratchmeister-Purrington, von Zoom, O'Clawthecouch, and bin (or ben and bet) Mashugga...

Do you have suggestions for silliness? :D