Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off to Dundee!

Off I go!
Very scary. And exciting. But also scary.

I leave on Monday, arrive Tuesday, and on Thursday I start my new job at RealTime Worlds, in Dundee, Scotland. Whoo! Also eek.

Selling car, paying last-minute bills and dealing with paperwork, sorting through all worldly possessions, filling storage unit, and leaving cats with parental units for now (importing domestic pets to the UK is *MURDER*.)

You know that really really high dive that looked twenty times as tall when you were a kid?

The last few months have felt as though my whole world was paused, in between jobs; wanting to dive. Just waiting in that endless line, up ladders, clutching the railings, smell of drying swimsuits and anticipation...

Just now, I feel like I've finally just jumped off that high dive, a moment ago, and am in that stage of the seemingly neverending gasp of air, arms flailing, grin on my face, wide-eyed, with the water looming closer and closer and quicker and quicker, blue and cool and finally happening, all excitement and terror.

Splashdown this week.


cathy_n said...

The splashdown will also be quite a shock. I wouldn't be surprised if the water isn't quite what you expect... ;)

I was lucky, coming from Norway to the USA with my cats. Norway is considered to be more or less free from rabies, so all I had to do was book them passage in a special cargo hold and get my Norwegian vet to sign some paperwork attesting to vaccination records. I took them off the plane and home immediately, no quarantine.

I hope your kitties will have a nice stay with your parents for the time being, while you settle in. You'll soon be on your way to developing a thick brogue that will make you incomprehensible to us poor Americans.

How did RealTime Worlds manage to get you a work permit so fast? Do you hold a passport in a Eurozone country or something?

The D.P. Khan said...

Their specialty is, in fact, getting work permits for foreigners -- but in my case it was indeed moot, as I'm a British citizen.